圖、文/Andy Zhang

During this past summer vacation, I went to Cebu, Philippines to study English for a month. That was my first time I went abroad by myself and stayed in a foreign country alone for a long enough of time. I went to an English Language School named Cebu English Language Center which established by a Koreans.

We had classes together with Korean students in four different groups, the school had their policies that need to be followed and one of them called EOP abbreviation for ENGLISH ONLY POLICY and it lead us not to use our mother tongue during class hours, we will be punished once we disobeyed the rules and regulations wherein that’s a part of an agreement having in that school. Good thing we could use our language during dinner and bed time.

On weekends, we could go outside and explore, visit different places in Cebu and do different activities such snorkeling, island hopping and shopping and karaoke.

Time flies so fast these wonderful experience came to an end with dear teachers and all friends we met, seriously it was really an unforgettable and incredible episode of my life.



我們必須遵守語言學校的校規,其中一條簡稱為EOP政策(English Only Policy,只能說英文),它限制我們不能使用自己的母語,一旦違反了規定,就會受到懲罰,而這些規定僅是語言學校校規的一部分。不過,幸好在用餐時間及在寢室裡還是能講中文。




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