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Want to study in Taiwan? Yes! We can help! During the 2020 Wuhan virus pandemic which has seriously damaged the international health systems as well as social structures, Taiwan is one of the safest countries in the world. Apart from this, Taiwan is a country popular among students who want to study abroad and learn Chinese.

Aletheia University (AU)

The history of AU can be tracked back to the day when Rev. Dr. George Leslie Mackay, a preacher of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, landed in Tamshui in 1872 for the purposes of evangelism and medical work. AU was the first Western school in the educational history of Taiwan and was regarded as the pioneer of general education.



Schedule of Fall Semester 2020

  • Application Submission Period
    • First Run: 2020/3/1~4/17
    • Second Run: 2020/4/18~5/31
    • Third Run: 2020/6/1~7/12
  • Admission Results
    • First Run: 2020/4/28
    • Second Run: 2020/6/9
    • Third Run: 2020/7/20
  • Reply Deadline for Decision (Students who fail to reply before the deadline will not be accepted)
    • First Run: 2020/5/15
    • Second Run: 2020/6/21
    • Third Run: 2020/7/27
  • Start of Semester: September, 2020

Applicants with incomplete documentation must assume full responsibility for a rejected application.

Eligibility (外籍生2020秋季招生簡章 International Students Admission Brochure 👈🏻 download here!)

Applicants who have graduated from a high school, college, or university recognized by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan can apply for admission. International students with a high school diploma or above are eligible to apply for undergraduate programs and bachelor’s degree or above for Master programs.

Requirements (AU Application Form 👈🏻 download here!)

  1. check list
  2. completed application form
  3. copy of passport
  4. declaration
  5. a recommendation letter
  6. transcript of records
  7. diploma / certificate of graduation
  8. autobiography
  9. study plan
  10. proof of adequate of financial support

Review and Evaluation

The admission process is conducted by the individual Department. Applicants are required to choose one program. The evaluation is based on the review of application documents with the percentage shown as following:

  1. Official Transcript 30%
  2. Autobiography (Chinese or English) 20%
  3. Study Plan (Chinese or English) 20%
  4. Proof of Chinese Proficiency 10%
  5. Recommendation Letter 10%
  6. Additional Supporting Documents 10%
    • When applicants’ scores are the same, those who have better academic performance will be considered.

Study in AU with Scholarship

AU provides 10 scholarship for the Philippines students.

  • First year: tuition free.
  • For those who studying in bachelor degree will be qualified 12,500NTD/semester scholarship for 8 semesters.
  • For those who studying in master degree will be qualified 12,500NTD/semester scholarship for 4 semesters.
  • For those who get good academic performance from the second year up to 4th year are eligible to apply for scholarship.
  • For those who get good academic performance, AU will assist students to apply scholarships from Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the National Commission on Scientific Development.

Tuition Fees(Per Semester)

  • From NT$45,000 to NT$53,000(US$1,530~US$1,765)
  • On-Campus Accommodation:
    • Triple Room: NT$15,000(US$500)
    • Quad Room: NT$13,000(US$435)

International Students Services

  • Obtain ARC
  • Transitions Orientation
  • Finding House
  • Airport Pick-up
  • Campus Check-in
  • Course Registration
  • Health Insurance
  • Culture & Lifestyle Guide
  • Student Clubs & Groups
  • On-Campus employment
  • Work Permit

Study in Taiwan website will help you to understand Taiwan more.

Inquiries or Application:We can assist you in applying for free!


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