I would like to share about the experience during the time I studying IELTS in SMEAG.

Before I came to SMEAG to study, I was concerned about whether I can accommodate the life here, also I was afraid that I cannot understand the teaching content in class. However, I met lots of friends here, and the teachers are patient; most of the people I encountered are friendly and optimistic, it makes me feel warm. After the first week, I am used to the life here.

As can be seen, IELTS is a difficult English examine. I got only 4.0 in the placement mock test. Because of all of my teachers , they teach me well in order that my English skills can improve. For instance, my writing teacher, Mina, teaches me the proper writing structure of IELTS, she also reminds me to utilize various words so that I can get higher score. Although c sometimes the writing homework could be troublesome , it is no doubt that the every-day practice really advances my capabilities. Therefore, I especially appreciate my writing teacher.

In addition, speaking is my weakness in English. At first, I feel very nervous and have no confidence when I speak English; I was afraid that whether my answer is correct or not, sometimes also feel confused about the pronunciation. My speaking teacher, she always encourages and motivate me , she said that do not afraid to speak , practice makes perfect. Because of her, finally I become a talkative person, I can manage the speaking skill of English, also makes plenty of friends from other countries; it makes me gain a sense of accomplishment.

As for reading and listening, they are group classes. At the begging of the period, I was too shy to talk much in the class, whereas I finally can open my heart to chat with classmates and teacher. To be honest, learning with a group is a very enjoyable thing because we learn and progress together, just like a big family.When I encounter some difficulties, I can ask for their help, we could discuss and solve them together. I will not feel nervous or embarrassed because I have these kind friends and good teacher, I am appreciate that as well.

Aside from the learning, I would like to say the laundry and the food here is wonderful. All of the workers here are friendly and hardworking. For instance, when you receive your clothes from the laundry, the clothes are already well-packaged. Also, the cooks are always smelling and polite, they will say”thank you ” to you when returning the plates. I feel pleased when they doing so every meal. Although , these are all normal things which I mentioned , in my opinion, it reflects their attitude towards their works . They have good attitude in order that they can do their work competently and flawlessly.

Sometimes, it might be exhausting to be a student in SMEAG, particularly taking IELTS course . At the beginning , I feel very tired and stressed. However, I accommodate it finally , also can manage time well to study IELTS. You can really gain a considerable amount of knowledge if you follow teachers’ steps and study hard. I mean, you do not have to worry about too much , just study step by step , you can finally notice you really improve your English . It not only reflects on your score but also your real capabilities. You will really feel delighted about that. Anyway, It is a unforgettable memory in my life, literally.

Ultimately, it is hard to describe my feeling about my studying period in SMEAG, but I think most is appreciation. I have to thank not only for my mom but also the environment here. Because of my family’s financial support, I can have an opportunity to study here. The environmental facilities, friends who I made here , all of my teachers and so on play an essential role in this journey. They make me smile , have a joyful emotion everyday. They really enrich my studying life in SMEAG. So , if you want to improve English and you are still considering about which school to choose in Cebu . I will suggest you, SMEAG is the only option. You will never regret if you make this decision. You can have a chance to makes a lot of friends from distinct countries , it can also help you to improve your English. Studying in SMEAG can bring you a splendid memory in your life.



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